Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Disciples History is dedicated to keeping our legacy safe and sharing our story with the world.
Disciples of Christ Historical Society is a general ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada and interconnects all Stone-Campbell churches around the world. We serve as the primary archive and collective memory for our faith family. Through the collection and preservation of historical documents and artifacts, by teaching and publishing, and per the World Wide Web, we insure that the ideal which was delivered to us – an open and welcoming Church – will remain available for the generations to come.

Our Promise

Disciples History promises to maintain the highest standards in everything we undertake and to keep safe the precious historical materials entrusted to our care.

Our Vision

Disciples History envisions the unity of all persons of faith through shared understanding of individual histories and creeds.

The Work of the Historical Society

Since 1941 Disciples of Christ Historical Society has served its mission of preserving and making available to researchers the many documents, books, periodicals, and audio/visual materials telling the story of the Stone-Campbell heritage. The Society is housed in the Thomas W. Phillips Memorial Archives – the place history calls home - in Nashville, Tennessee. The Society exists to document and interpret the history of Stone-Campbell churches (Churches of Christ, Independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and holds the largest collection of this material in the world. Included are hundreds of thousands of photographs, thousands of rare books, 40,000 biographical files, records of tens of thousands of congregations, and thousands of artifacts.


Our Logo - The Three Streams Cross

Three Streams CrossIn our expression of this ancient, historic symbol of Christianity, we have anchored the Cross of Christ with three circles, representing the three streams of the Stone-Campbell heritage (Disciples, Christian churches, and Churches of Christ). All are connected to, and surround the Cross, which remains the powerful center of our faith heritage. The Cross is completed with an arrow pointing toward the future. It is a future, we believe, filled with unity and hope, as we carry the Gospel message forward into new generations.