Lectures & Seminars

Forrest H. Kirkpatrick Lecture

This series features a noted scholar speaking on a topic related to Stone-Campbell history and is presented in odd-numbered years. Learn more >

Scott-Seay.jpgThe 2013 lecture, The Spirit Poured Out on All Flesh: Stone-Campbell Missions and the Emergence of Early Global Pentecostalism" was presented by Dr. Scott Seay, Associate Professor of the History of Global Christianity, Christian Theological Seminary and Managing Editor of the Stone-Campbell World History. 

Read Dr. Seay's presentation

President’s Seminars

Discover your past and explore your future with seminars led by Historical Society President Glenn Thomas Carson, brought to your congregation.

Calling All Disciples:
Leadership Lessons from the Lord’s Table
Jesus’ leadership principles are on full display in the four Gospels. And he even taught about leadership in his approach to the Last Supper. Learn what it means to be both a Christian and a leader.

Communing: A History and Theology of the Lord’s Supper
Understanding the history and theology of the Lord’s Table is prerequisite to knowing about the real life of faith and communing of those who call themselves Disciples of Christ.

Who Are We Now? Disciples of Christ Looking Back and Leaning Forward
While discussing the rich Stone-Campbell tradition and its story as American and global, Dr. Carson asks what direction we are going and Who Are We Now?

Not Christianity but Christ:
A History of American Protestantism

This seminar serves as an overview of the various denominations and traditions in American Christian history.

To schedule a seminar, contact Kristin Russell or call 1-866-834-7563.

Forrest F. Reed Lecture

A forum for ideas on how theology, history and culture interconnect conducted in even-numbered years. Learn more >

James Tabor2014 Lecture - March 17, 2014
Vanderbilt University Divinity School
Dr. James Tabor, Chair, Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Charlotte 
Co-sponsored by Disciples History & Disciples Divinity House at Vanderbilt University
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alvin_jackson.jpgThe 2012 lecture, Unapologetically Secular And Unashamedly Christian was delivered by Rev. Alvin Jackson, Senior Pastor of Park Avenue Christian Church (New York). 

Read Rev. Jackson's presentation

Joe and Nancy Stalcup Webinar for Congregational Historians

A multiple-session online course to train congregational historians. Presented in odd-numbered years. Contact us to be notified when the next course is offered.

Workshop for your congregation
The Stormy Question: Christian Churches and the Slavery Issue

"The Stormy Question is historically rich, surprisingly delightful (Sara Harwell shares wonderful, illustrative scenes and stories) and eye-opening: can Christians have honest, passionate debates about difficult ethical questions without settling the issue violently? I highly recommend this program by the Disciples Historical Society." - Thomas Kleinert, Senior Minister, Vine Street Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Gain a deeper appreciation of the Christian Church's complex role in the slavery controversy and subsequent Civil War in this engaging workshop led by our Chief Archivist, Sara Harwell.

Through discussion and interactive presentation, you'll explore the biographical sketches and philosophies of church leaders, chaplains, soldiers, abolitionists, pacifists, war hawks and defenders of the slavery system. You'll discover how this critical period in American life relates to today's social justice issue.

This half-day workshop is based on the Historical Society's online exhibit commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation and is suitable for groups of any size or age.

We'll bring this event to your congregation at no charge, but a love offering to the Historical Society is welcomed. To learn more and schedule this event, contact Kristin Russell or call 1-866-834-7563.


Disciples History Magazine

Gateway to Stone-Campbell history and news, Disciples History Magazine has been published by the Historical Society since our founding in 1941. Published twice per year, Disciples History Magazine offers a brand new historical essay in each issue, as well as other articles and information of interest to our readers. Disciples History Magazine is a benefit of Premium Membership in the Historical Society. 

Leaders and Legends

A web-based, adult classroom curriculum on Stone-Campbell history, available early 2013. Contact us to be notified when Leaders and Legends is released.

Polar Star Press

The official imprint of Disciples of Christ Historical Society. Learn more >

The Stone-Campbell History: A Global History


The first-ever comprehensive history of the Stone-Campbell heritage is sponsored by the Historical Society and Christian Board of Publication. Learn more >


A twice-a-year newsletter, Streamlines is available to all Members of the Historical Society. 


Scholarships, Internships & Awards

Venerable Bede Award

This award is given periodically for lifetime achievement in the study and documentation of Christian history. For more information, contact President Glenn Thomas Carson

Cannon-Benoit Internship

Awarded occasionally, this internship provides short-term help in archival work. Contact us for more information.

Fred Craddock Award for Excellence in Preaching

Conferred annually or biennially in partnership with the Craddock Center, this award recognizes a Disciples minister under age 35.

sam_robles.jpgSamuel Robles, Jr. is the winner of the 2012 Award.

Isaac Errett Award

Each year, as part of the Stone-Campbell Journal Conference, we recognize the best student research paper in Stone-Campbell history with the annual Isaac Errett Award. The 2014 Call for Papers is now open. The award will be presented at the 2014 Stone-Campbell Journal Conference. Learn More >

Faithful Servant Award

Recognizes individuals who have served throughout the life of Christian Church (DOC).  Given annually (or biennially). 

Guenhee-Yu-2012-Faithful-Servant.jpgGuenhee Yu is the  2012 Faithful Servant.

Ketcherside Scholarship

Ketcherside Scholarships are given for in-house archival or writing projects. The program is open to students in graduate studies at one our constituent institutions, or any academic committed to the study of the Stone-Campbell heritage. We do not provide scholarships for course or degree work.

Lester McAllister Award

Given occasionally, this $5,000 prize recognizes the best book or article in Stone-Campbell history. For more information, contact President Glenn Thomas Carson.

J. Caleb Canton is the winner of the first McAllister Award.  Read More.