One Church: A Bicentennial Celebration of Thomas Campbell's Declaration & Address

One Church: A Bicentennial Celebration of Thomas Campbell's Declaration & Addres

One Church is a celebration of the two-hundredth anniversary of Thomas Campbell's Declaration and Address (1809). But it is much more. In the spirit of that stirring plea for unity from the beginnings of the Stone-Campbell heritage, this volume restates Campbell's Thirteen Propositions and issues a new call for our churches to live out that vision of unity in the twenty-first century.

"One Church is a never before imagined volume. Along with a history of the reception of Thomas Campbell's Declaration and Address, combined with communion meditations from around the globe, voices from across the divided streams of the Stone-Campbell heritage - women and men, Anglo, Black, Latino and Asian - issue an earnest, self-critical and challenging contemporary call for reformation and unity in the spirit of Thomas Campbell."   
- Newell Williams, President, Brite Divinity School, Fort Worth, Texas

"Thomas Campbell's "Magna Carta of the movement' is at last bearing fruit at a level expressive of its intrinsic worth. The old hero would delight in the quality of the fruit in this volume— international, interracial, trans-cultural, responsibly critical and resourceful, all within a context of reconciled diversity, which is the basic inference of the document itself."
- Leroy Garrett, author of The Stone-Campbell Movement

"One Church calls twenty-first century Christians to overcome the divisions not only of creeds but also of culture, gender, race, and yes even the divergent streams of our one movement that have all too often flowed divided from one another. Part reflection, part essay, part love letter."
- Sharon Watkins, General Minister & President, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

"I applaud Glenn Thomas Carson, Douglas Foster, and Clinton Holloway for compiling a a readable, helpful and sometimes provocative review of Thomas Campbell's Declaration and Address from which our movement sprang in 1809."
- Bob Russell, Senior Minister (retired), Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY

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